External energies that take you away from your centre


Difference between moving forwards in the spirit and receiving guidance
Ancestral pressures
Hostile, invasive energies
Religious organisations

Womb space, birthing process – missing parts, soul loss
Ancestral energies – getting on with life, coping, physical processes; trying to make things right, stress, strain; nothing being there, a void, lack
Past life energies – being persecuted, killed for being true to who you are, having to be silent, feeling there’s a problem; collective external persecution – institutions, religion, government, cultural norms; oaths, vows, affirmations, ceremonies; being someone you’re not, creating karmic knots; parts not allowed to exist
Energies growing up
Soul loss – impossible situations, projecting your virtues onto others
Strong protection – tears, dents

Completely new times
Laying a foundation
Being true to yourself

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