Feeling trapped, wounds from false beliefs


Feeling low, whirlwind of emotion
Going into the oneness
Connecting back to all parts of yourself
Knots, disconnected parts, insurmountable problems


  • Feeling trapped, karmic knots; focusing on your part
  • Deep wounds formed from false beliefs:
    • Handing yourself over for service
    • Power taken from you
    • Having to offer something to have company
    • Something taking you away from doing what you love
    • Not making a difference in your life

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Messages from the group

Feeling trapped and focusing on your part

I want to go a bit deeper now into this feeling of being trapped. I want you to understand that these kinds of energies are created over many lifetimes, because when you really do feel trapped in a certain situation or certain dynamic, it is always because there are major energies there, and a lot of karmic knots which have been created around it.

What I want to work on now is something in particular, and that is that it is important to really be very much in your own energy, and in this way you are able to understand more fully what it really means to be able to clear something. Because what I see is, once you step more deeply into your own energy, you are able to dismantle karmic knots which have formed in your life between people you know, in relationship to situations in your life.

What I also want you to be aware of is there is really such a thing as being able to be in your own energy, moving forwards without feeling interrupted by external conditions around you. There is such a thing as being able to go so deep within, and access your own energy, and clear your part of the situation, and be able to not be distracted by what other people are doing, and through this you are able to transcend your circumstances, and create new circumstances around yourselves. What I’m really trying to say is for those of you here who feel stuck in certain circumstances that involve other people as well, that involve other responsibilities – remember that when you are doing your own inner work thoroughly and focusing on your part, you really can clear a lot up very fast.

I want some of you here to more fully understand that it is not so important what other people are doing or saying, or believing even – it is much more about you, and when you are able to really go very deep, you stop even caring what is going on around you. I am saying this because feeling trapped is very much connected to external circumstances as well. It is something that is very much a combination of an inner state and an external set of circumstances as well. And what I’m trying to do for all of you is get you beyond the external set of circumstances, to a deeper place of recognising your part in what is going on.

I have one more message about this, and that is when you are really very good at doing this, you will find nothing in life bothers you anymore. It is something that only saints, sages and great masters have been able to do – they have been able to transcend every set of circumstance that comes their way, by staying focused on going within and being only in their part, and in this way changing what is around them instantaneously.

Finally, I have one more message for all of you, and that is there is really such a thing as well as being very much in an energy where you are going forwards all the time, consistently, never stopping, because you are in this particular energy, and what I want all of you to be able to do in this life is to get there – to a point where you are no longer stopping and starting, where you are consistently making progress, and when you are in this kind of state you become a very powerful force in life of change, of bringing greater awareness to many people. You become extremely potently charged with life force energy that enables you to do even more than most other people can, because you are constantly receiving more and more energy by interacting with life in a very positive way.

I have one more message about this and that is, for some of you what I’m speaking about is a very long way away – it is a very long distance from where you are at the moment, and for those of you who feel this way, I would like to reassure you by telling you that there is such a thing as fast-tracking yourselves through pure intent, and I would like you, if you want to, to make the intention to be able to move forwards in this way from now onwards.