Clearing what’s in the way of being in your power


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Energies clearing through people
Attuning to the disturbances you feel
Missing bits of information
Vibration of the planet is changing
Knowing your limits


  • Feeling yourself on a deeper level
  • Feeling unable to be in your power
    • External sources
    • Inside energies
    • Ancestral line
  • Energies in your lineage
    • Seeing yourself as a product of your own making
    • Carrying a residue of what’s happened
  • Cellular trauma – with the Platinum ray
    • Root cause
  • Active past lives
  • Closing down contracts
  • Clearing anything that’s ready to leave
    • Burning 4 books in the 9th dimension
    • Clearing out contracts
  • Highest timeline activation

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Messages from the group

Seeing yourself as a product of your own making

I would like you to know that nobody has ever made you, in any way, people that you currently are – you are always looking at yourselves as people who are self-made, and this is actually the most empowered way to be. The reason I’m saying this is when you see yourself as a product of the way you have been treated – other people’s behaviour – it is very disempowering to you on a spiritual level. But when you see yourselves as products of your own making you decide who you want to be, and by this, what I mean is that you are choosing who you are in the world, what you are expressing – you choose it. And for some of you, it is about choosing the highest, deepest version of yourself, the essence of who you are, and expressing it. For others it may be that you have had several identities in this lifetime, each of your own making, until you finally decide you simply would like to be the essence of who you are, and allow it to emerge.

The reason I am speaking on this subject is that when you speak about your lives in a way where you make yourselves a product of, a victim, of what has ever you have experienced, it is really something like this: that you actually start to identify with your experiences more than you actually do with the truth of who you are, and as you do this, you give your power away to experiences you have had. I will give an example here. So for example, if you lose a leg, and you are someone who only has one leg, as an example – something quite extreme, so you can understand what I mean, then what you are able to do is either identify with the experience and see yourself as someone with one leg, and identify with what has happened to you, and make it a big part of your life – or what you can do is acknowledge what has happened, and identify with the essence of who you are, and you will then find the right relationship with that experience, which may be to conquer any obstacles that you have, to find ways around things. It may be to accept that you have one leg, but that you are still okay, you are alive, and you are able to do things, perhaps differently to how you used to, but you can still do things. What I am really trying to say is that when you have negative experiences in life, it is really good to go within and acknowledge them, but not to dwell in them, to then find your relationship with yourself and how you are relating to the experience from this place. And if you have too many emotions to get there, then clear your emotions, do what you need to – whether it is to seek out support from others, or use some tools and techniques that you already know to clear the emotions away, so you can access a deeper part of yourself. What I’m really wanting you to know is that being in your power is really important in this new age, because that will be celebrated, that will actually be given a lot of attention from people, and when you do find your power, regardless of what you have experienced, people will feel inspired.

So I would like all of you here who feel hard done by, to go deeper and find your power when it comes to what you have been through, in relation to this, and get to a place where you can actually feel okay about whatever has happened, and find the right way forwards. I am also wanting all of you to know that through this you will inspire many people.

I have one more thing I want to say, before I do the next clearings. There is always going to be certain residual emotions that lurk within you when you have had certain experiences. But that does not mean that you are not well, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t processed what you have been through, you haven’t learned lessons. It simply means that you are carrying some residue that needs to be cleared over time. But for most people, the residue just clears automatically. It is a part of life, that as you engage with it, your residue will sort itself out. So I will say that when you are feeling that you have recovered from something, but still have moments where you don’t feel so good, remember – it is just residue, it is nothing to worry about. It is simply what is still lurking in your cells that will clear automatically through life.