Karmic entanglements


Not a time for making changes – deep processes
Core ways of being, patterns


  • Negative incoming energies
  • Resolving anything karmic – cords, discrepancies
  • Patterns of behaviour – being overly helpful, fully engaged with life, letting go of personal needs, work ethic
  • Being unable to be in your own light – relationships; karmic retribution
  • Beliefs about being of service – having to help everyone, having to be in demand, giving unconditionally, doing things you don’t want to
  • Expecting others to acknowledge your light and power – feeling superior or inferior
  • Acknowledging your needs, coming back to Earth
  • Karmic reside in the lineage – being expected to offer something to the world
  • Connections interfering with your energy
  • Generating abundance


  • Abundance is being bale to receive and give without feeling short-changed
  • People who are there for you in spirit are for life
  • Stepping into your higher self

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