2024 New Year’s Eve Group


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This year’s group will be held on YouTube Live – sign up to receive a private link. The recording will be available for the later signups.

This group is about going forwards in the new year, letting go of what is no longer serving you, and receiving blessings for the new year, as well as anything else that is necessary to be communicated, given –putting you on the highest timeline, creating good energies for the start of the year, and most of all, helping you to be much more grounded in your own energy, your own light and power, helping you to clear what is in the way of this.

Archangel Raphael

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  • New year’s resolutions from a deeper level of your being
  • Turbulence in the world
  • Energy of the new year – being in your power, but a lot coming up to clear
  • World peace – staying in a place of peace and harmony within


  • Parts of you struggling – contracts with places, communities
  • Connecting to your own light, desires, higher self
    • Transmission to fulfil your desires in the year ahead
  • Going forwards with your life, depleted places
  • Parts resonating with conflict in the world
    • Going deeper into world peace
  • Transmissions for the new year, contracts
    • Global change
    • Changing how you’re doing things
    • Things you’d like to change
    • Being more connected to your spirit
    • New contracts – staying connected to your higher self and heart

Closing messages

  • The right things will come to you – being in a state of receptivity
  • Opportunity for things to change spontaneously