Energies creating negative experiences in life


Includes a text transcript

Not strong enough energy to go forwards
Unwavering desire to go inwards
Energies undermining your work
Being shown the miraculous nature of life
Feeling complete on all levels
No need to explain what you’re doing


  • Unsavoury experiences with others
    • Transmission of energies you’d most like
  • Feeling something gets in the way
    • Transmission on moving forwards
  • Feeling something you desire is unattainable
    • Transmission of what you’d most like
  • Feeling unable to have what you like around family
    • Transmission of what you’d most like to experience
  • Energies around you that you no longer want
    • Transmission of energy you’d like instead
  • Things you’re unable to transcend in yourself
    • Transmission of a good sense of self by Mother Mary

Practical and vibrational angels
Being open to all the good life has to offer

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