Clearing congested energetic pathways


Includes a text transcript

Time of great abundance
Tricky periods
Consistent effort
Many people will not make it
People may not be ready for what you do


  • Heavy energies
    • Feeling misunderstood
    • Being in your higher self
    • Feeling disempowered
    • Feeling unable to look after yourself
    • Feeling unable to be in energies you’d like to be
  • Transmissions to open energetic pathways
    • Being in your power
    • Creating abundance
    • Joy, happiness, exuberance
    • Feeling embodied
  • Being more in your highest self and purpose
    • New energy of being deeply in your higher self

Starting to feel lighter
Staying connected to your inner being
Adjusting to be with each other
Don’t be in energies that do not suit you

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