Believing what you’re doing is not enough



  • Time of movement and change, confusion and chaos
  • Involve yourself in things that resonate
  • Time to let go and allow the process to happen
  • Being internally focused
  • Nobody will be left out of life
  • Going deeper into conditioning, patterns where you’re believing what you’re doing is not enough
  • Behaviour about trying to control force, control, making things happen pushing yourself beyond your limits


  • Force, control, power misuse
  • Trying to force things to happen
  • Being in need of something
  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Doing things that are not quite right
  • Discrepancies between your life force and what you’re doing
  • Taking control of situations
  • Forcing what you believe and thing onto others

Closing messages

  • This year will be a start of new things for all of you
  • Going deeper to keep things moving consistently
  • Things you’re creating will become unstoppable

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