Global shifts


Includes a text transcript


  • Going forwards in a grounded way
  • Your life is not the same as it was
  • People are more likely to go inwards than outwards
  • Things with no higher function will come to an end
  • Unconventional things getting recognised
  • World is in chaos – playing your part
  • Self-serving behaviour being transmuted
  • Feeling insecure about what happens next
  • Things active and dormant in your vibration
  • Getting up to date with global shifts with Sanat Kumara


  • External energies
    • Old contracts
  • Negative lives – hardship
  • Issues from the ancestral realm
    • Being yourself
    • Heavy, dark energies – malice, death, theft, hostility
  • Energies from darker planets – paranoia, suspicion, demonic energies
  • Highest timeline activation

Closing messages

  • Doing less in the highest timeline

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