Clearing past lives, empowerment


Includes a text transcript

Translating messages from your angels and guides
People acknowledging their karma
Developing symptoms as energies leave
People showing remorse; forgiveness
Every single person is recovering from something


  • Negative interfering energies
  • Feeling disempowered
  • Being unable to be in the moment and be grounded
    • Past life energies
    • Ancestral, hidden energies
      • Infusing the lineage energy with a positive one
  • Transmission of an energy you’ve wanted for a long time
  • Darker past lives, retrieving soul fragments
    • Bringing light to empower the returning parts
    • Anything else that needs clearing
  • Message: Identifying past life themes
  • Observing your state when engaging with the world
  • Negative contracts
  • Highest timeline activation

Being prepared to make major life changes

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