Archangel Raphael’s Response on the Coronavirus

This is an extract from the Inner Child Group on 17 March.

“I would like you to know that I’m speaking on behalf of many angelic messengers and when I speak I am not necessarily communicating to those who are here – I would like to pass on messages that you can share with loved ones, with friends, relatives. The reason I’m saying this is because when you are in the light you are automatically feeling certain things, but you are not always able to name them clearly, fully, so what I would like to do is fill in the missing bits of information to help you to see more clearly.

What I see is that all of you are here for one reason only, and that is to move forwards in new ways, to find ways to move forwards which are in one way or another completely in the light. The reason I’m saying this is because at the moment there is a lot going on, there is so much going on in fact that you are not able to easily see clearly, even when you are walking forwards in the light. What I would like you to know is there is no such thing as simply going in the light of oneness, going forth in it, without in one way or another having to go inwards in order to receive clarity, true insight, to have an awareness that is beyond the Earth.

What I’m saying is the real reason there is a lot of panic and there is a lot of congestion in energy at the moment is because there is no real clarity into what is actually going on – nobody has all the answers, so I would like to come in and fill in the missing parts. The reason I am saying this is that there is a lot of information that is available on the Earth plane at the moment; there is a lot of misleading information, there is a lot of information that is not able to easily in one way or another be communicated by us because we are in one way or another fighting against the information that is currently being presented to you on Earth. So what I am trying to do is give you the right information that you are then able to convey to more people.

I would like to share something quite precious, and that is within every outbreak, a serious outbreak of illness, disease, whatever it is, there is a pearl of wisdom, there is something that people are learning about, and in this particular case there is a deeper aspect of healing, learning that is going on that is all about being in the light, being able to transcend circumstances and stay in the spirit. There is a lot of fear about the coronavirus, there is a lot of feeling inside people that they need to isolate themselves from others, that they need to take precautions, to be in one way or another protected from illness, that there is seemingly no cure for. What I am seeing is that amongst all of you there is a similar feeling to one extent or another. What I would like you to know is there is no such thing as simply being protected, there is such a thing as protecting yourself with having a greater awareness, by having an awareness that there is something beyond what is going on, something that you are able to attune to and create an energy around you of wellness, and this is in one way or another going to protect you. There is no other way of being fully protected, because what I see is no matter what people do, they will come into contact with others in one way or another, and in fact I see the more people try, the harder it will become to avoid the illness.

What I see as the real answer is to go within and find a degree of wellness from within, and whether that wellness is simply a feeling inside that there is a certain degree of strength, vigour in you to counteract this illness, or whether it is an absolute feeling of strength, vitality, life force, it does not really matter – it is about attuning to what is within – a feeling of wellness, and staying in this. And when you are in this feeling life gives you more of the same thing because whatever you feel inside is given to you by life, whatever you already have you can more of. So it is about knowing that there is enough in you to fight this, to defeat this, when you are in one way or another faced with it. And in another way it is also about achieving something else, which is a sense that whatever is presented before you is not truly factual.

There is a lot of manipulation going on, and some of the information that is being presented to you is distorted, fabricated, exaggerated to say the least, but what I will really say about the coronavirus is that it is a bit more than the flu – it does have a real energy to it, and the energy is that it is able to multiply quite quickly, because it has an ability to mutate in the body and keep multiplying. But what you are able to do to interrupt it is to know that your body will win, that you will defeat it, that there is no such thing as killer viruses. In fact it is a myth that something from the outside can be caught by you and destroy your body – it is an absolute myth that has been created a long time ago, and it started a long time ago as well, so you will not be familiar with this as even a factual piece of information, but the way the physical body is designed if that it will always restore itself to balance and harmony.

A killer virus does not exist, but what does exist is fear in the mindset, a state of feeling that something is out to get you and can totally defeat you. There is also something else that exists which is another feeling, that whatever you are facing is somehow not able to be defeated because it has intelligence that is beyond yours, it is somehow able to keep up with the body, but not only that, to go faster than it. And what I will say is that in a fact it is impossible for a virus, or even bacteria, to be more intelligent than the body of a human being, because the way you are designed is to be able to access infinite intelligence and knowing, and to keep counteracting whatever is trying to destroy you. So regardless of what something is doing you will keep receiving information – whether that is to pray and keep affirming your wellness, whether it is to take a substance, whether it is to do something else – but you will keep receiving the right information. The reason I am saying this is because there is something that is inherent in you that is able to really survive these outbreaks of disease and illnesses.

I will go on now because you may have questions, such as why are certain illnesses still going strong, like cancer, if the body is designed to survive, and why is it taking lives, and I have an answer for this. That is because cancer is created from the inside; it is when the body is quite literally distorting itself from the inside because of thought forms that are going on, so it takes going within and fathoming out what is going on, but in the cases of these contagious illnesses, diseases, the thought that they create in laboratories that you then catch from other people, it is quite a different matter – it is really about knowing that you are stronger than the disease or virus, that it cannot take your life, that you will keep receiving the right information, you will be fully protected, and you will not be let down by this. The only thing that can let you down is your own state of mind, believing it is stronger than you, and believing that there are no answers, and also losing your will to live.

I would like you to know that that the creators of this virus are counting on people becoming so afraid of it that they quite literally lose hope if they catch it, and then it starts to get hold of them. Notice how it is said quite clearly by the media that there is no cure for this, but they are trying to develop a vaccine. I would like you to think about some of the phrases you are hearing over and over again. I would like to reassure you that what I’m saying is given from a higher place and in fact what I am giving you is the right information. Remember how you are totally in one way or another inundated with information about this, and it is always emphasising how much it is not able to be in any way treated medically, how people must simply see how they get on with it, and how people who have in one way or another contracted this are later called “survivors” of it, rather than simply people who have contracted something flu-like and then recovered as it should be. It is also a bit ridiculous for us to see what is going on because we are aware what is behind all this, and we would like you to know that the paranoia the confusion, the mixed messages are all part of something that is designed to induce fear in people, because where there is a lack of information, a lack of absolute clarity – people get very scared.

I have one more message to give, and that is self isolation is not the real answer. It is a way of perhaps protecting yourself for a certain length of time, but it is not really the answer. The answer is to know that whatever happens, you are able to combat it, that you are much stronger than this virus, and if you are choosing to be well you will be.

I have one more message to give which I really would like to emphasise, and that is there is no such thing as simply being in the spirit consistently – it does take a certain amount of effort on your part, and what I mean by this it’s not the sort of effort that you make on the Earth, but it takes a resolute intent to stay in the light, to stay in your own heart space, to stay in your center, to know you are well, that you are protected, that there is something much beyond the Earth that is feeding you the right information, showing you the way forward, something that is beyond what people are saying and doing on the Earth. And remember that you’re human too, the mother herself strengthens you on a core energetic level because she is able to nourish you in places that we are not able to access, because she is literally a living being like you are, and she is able to hold you, to nurture you. So remember to connect with her, whether you do it through internal practices or by attuning into her by going outside and being with her in nature, in the natural world. Remember that you are all safe, you are all protected. That is all.

I have no more messages, but I would like to do some deep work on all of you. I would like to bring it to your attention that there is a lot of negativity around at the moment, and this negativity is affecting all of you. There is no such thing as simply being able to be in a good state when there is a lot of negativity in the ether. There is no such thing as this – it is all about choosing to be in a good state; it does not simply happen when you are surrounded by chaos because you are designed to energetically respond to your environment, so when there is negativity your inner energies are responding to it and it is natural to want to cocoon yourself in your own energy matrix, so you don’t allow this energy to affect you. But there is a better way, a way which means you can still connect with the outer world without having to be fully in your own energy without connection with others, and that is to make a decision to be in a good state, to ask for it to happen, to be guided to the right people and places who will bring you this. So instead of shutting yourselves away ask to be taken to the right people and places, ask to be guided to them, and ask to be receiving the right information, so that your wellness can be solidified on Earth. What I’m really trying to say that it is more about making choices, making the choice to be well, and then following your guidance. I’m saying this so that you all know that this is what you are doing in this moment, and as you are here the angels are saying to you, quite loudly in fact, that they are going to fully support you in being in the best possible state you can be in. That is all.