Message from Archangel Raphael on the situation in Afghanistan

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I would like you to know that this is a special message that is for the situation in Afghanistan, which is of concern to many. This message is intended to support those who would like to help in some way, and what I would like you to know is that the important thing is to be in the spirit, and to ask from your spirit what you can do to assist. For some of you, it will be to give a prayer and offer it to the situation – ask that all the right things happen so the people in Afghanistan can be safe and well. It is also good for you to use your gifts to support what is happening, so that people may be safe and well there – so you may be able to do something else, like make music and send the energy to support the people in Afghanistan, or you may be able to do something else, like work with energy in another way, in order to generate positive energy for the situation.

What I will say is all support that you give is very much appreciated by us on higher realms, because we see that there is a lot of devastation and energy there that is chaotic, negative, and people need support. People need to feel safe, and by feeling safe there will be a guaranteed safety for them, because according to how people feel, they will then be able to vibrationally attract what they need on all levels – so that the feeling they have inside will in one way or another will be fully manifested on the Earth plane, the circumstances around them will change to match their internal feelings. I hope this makes sense. So any positive energy sent to people in Afghanistan will be very useful for them to access an elevated state that will then create their reality. What I see is that if enough people feel safe, well, and protected by the light, they will create a new reality for themselves. What I see is at the moment it is a very complex situation – it is hard for people to feel safe, and well, and protected, because the circumstances are not supporting this.

I have one more message to give, and that is that every single person who is in danger is able to be protected by the light within, and it is important at the moment for each and every person to go within to access this. I am speaking about the people in Afghanistan – they need to be going within to access a greater light, and what I will also say is that when the vibration of the people changes, it will be inevitable that the outer circumstances will change – something will happen, because there will no longer be a vibrational match between the outside and the inside world. That is all.