Unusual themes


True healing is about restoration of life to its true blueprint
Becoming aware of the nuances of life
Restoring people around you
You are here to help many
Experiencing the polar opposite of what you’ve had to restore you more deeply
Being open to sharing what you know at the right time
Diluting yourself


  • Identifying what you’re carrying that’s unique and ways you’re sabotaging yourself
  • Doing things not in harmony with the rest of life
  • Making allowances for people
  • Sharing your true feelings
  • Being unable to see clearly
  • Abilities you don’t recognise you have
  • Gifts you’re meant to pass onto others

There will always be problems on the planet, but you can sort problems on the inside
You are the ones birthing the new world from within
These are uncomfortable times
There are things that will suddenly disappear

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