Gratitude and appreciation


Letting go of how life is going to work out in the future
Vision impinging on everyday life
Visioning in sacred spaces
Enjoying the moment, appreciating what you have and don’t have
You are on a brink of newness


  • Core wounding around having a life you’re not satisfied with
  • Lack of finances – lineage, past lives – bringing in abundance
  • Absence of something – panic, fear – bringing in appreciation
  • Appreciating what brings you unhappiness
  • Feeling infringed upon by external energies
  • Feeling unhappy with what you have
  • Not appreciating achievements
  • Gratitude and appreciation for what has been in your life
  • Not being able to fully participate in life
  • Feeling dissatisfied with your life – an addiction
  • Gift – feeling better about your life
  • Higher vision for your life

Being in the present moment

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