Healing the Divine Feminine


Video recording of a talk given in Shropshire in July 2021.

Watch the extracts here

Total length: 1hr 41m
Audio version included

Topics covered:

  • Clearing discrepancies between your earthly self and the spirit
  • Translating light into embodied wisdom
  • Being in your divine flow, clearing up discrepancies
  • Playing your part
  • Message from Mary Magdalene
  • Resurrecting your divinity through cellular memory
  • A generous time on Earth
  • The path to true abundance
  • Accessing your pain body
  • Trusting the flow and asking for things
  • Bringing yourself back to wholeness
  • Clearing external oppression – ancestral energies, past lives, social pressures
  • Persecution – family dynamics, violence against women
  • Being curtailed from fully being yourself
  • Messages from Mother Mary – mother energy, feeling short-changed, healing the inner child
  • Clearing hostile energies from a lack of mothering
  • Messages from Archangel Raphael – new opportunity on Earth, new way of being, receiving from life, neglect
  • People entering your lives to give you what you need, moving location
  • Protection from negative interference – exercise
  • Womb healing
  • Sexual abuse, trauma, birthing process, being dismissed
  • Bringing in the golden ray – exercise
  • Past lives – being unable to be who you are in spirit on Earth
  • Stepping up to a new level, changes coming
  • “Your lives will be everything you have ever wanted them to be”

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