Your life stories


Moving forwards in practical ways
Going deeper into problem areas
Building up a story
Every part of your life lighting up soon
Being unwilling to face darker layers
Many angels on Earth


  • Download of information about your life story
  • Themes:
    • Feeling victimised, unable to have needs met, a lot to deal with
    • Feeling fed up with life, demands, expectations
    • Being unable to express true self
  • Parts resigned to stories:
    • Personal fulfilment – waking up in the morning, nourishment, mundane life, problems with people, life problems, being unfulfilled, dissatisfied
    • Relationships – unable to express yourself, feeling trapped, unmet, oppressed
    • Service to the world – having nothing to give, disempowerment, not being welcome, being overwhelming
    • Interests/passions – feeling bogged down, too many problems, not having much to do, having trauma, parts missing, no time
    • Reasons why you haven’t had the life you want – not receiving what you need, other people, something going wrong

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