Things getting in the way of progress


Taking a leap forwards
Places in need of more light/clarity/healing
Soul-level needs vs earthly desires
Helping and inspiring others


  • Lifetimes where you’ve not been able to succeed
  • Negative beliefs around not moving forwards
    • Having to work hard
    • Working against world’s negativity
    • Having to go deep into the light
  • Areas you’ve been stuck in for a long time
    • Love and friendships
      • Imprints of abuse/negativity
    • Purpose
      • Negative beliefs
      • External negative influences
    • Finances, resources
      • External energies – curses, negativity
      • Ancestral line
      • Negative thoughts and beliefs
      • Imprints of lack
    • Everyday quality of life
      • Negative beliefs
      • DNA – family/ancestors
      • Anything else affecting you

Time to clear energy
Fast movement
Theme of the year

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