Parts in your soul matrix that take over


Discrepancy between earthly self and higher awareness
Engaging with life lessons lightheartedly
Fixating on lives you’ve had


  • People who aren’t right for you
  • Comparing yourself to other people
  • Harming others
  • Exaggerating, making things up
  • Getting things wrong
  • Getting distracted by malnourishment
  • Going against yourself
  • Self-neglect
  • Unacknowledged desires
  • Being someone you’re not
  • Forgetting own needs to make people happy
  • Trying to fix things
  • Messing things up
  • Getting emotionally over-involved
  • Not functioning well

Paying attention to yourself
Being with people to learn a lesson
False light

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Messages from the group

Being with difficult people to learn a lesson

I would like you to know that nobody has ever said: “go and be with people that you find difficult in order to learn a lesson”. What I am trying to say is that there are some things which have been, in one way or another, promoted, in order to take people off in directions that are not right.

What I will say is that there is a lot to be said for false light, and in the world at the moment there is a lot that is being exposed about this subject. What I want to say about this kind of light, is that it has something in it that makes your life more difficult. I want you to be aware of this, that sometimes you will come across certain types of teachings, information, that will take you off track – knowledge, teachings, that may tell you to do things that make you feel uncomfortable, or to be around people who are tricky, in order to learn something, or to be more compassionate. What I will say about this kind of work is that it does mean that you stop following your instinct, your inner feeling about what feels good to you on a deeper level, and you start believing that by embracing something that doesn’t feel good, you are going to learn something, you are going to somehow increase your capacity to be in your spirit.

What I will say is that ultimately increasing your capacity to be in the spirit occurs over time naturally as you go deeper within and embrace the part of you that is connected to all that is, and as you embrace it, and do what feels good in life, you are actually able to embrace more of life more easily. As you do what feels good, what makes you really feel alive inside, light up, you automatically go into a higher state, which increases your capacity to be around people who are perhaps in a lower state, and keep your state steady, and through this to offer something to them.

So this is what it is really all about – increasing your capacity to be in your spirit is not about enduring things in order to be more comfortable with it, it is quite the opposite – it is about doing what gives you life. It is about going towards what feels good, filling yourself up with good energy, making yourself light up from the inside – and through this you can automatically go to places, be with people where there is some density, and feel OK, because you are carrying so much good energy within you that gives you a good feeling, even though the circumstances around you may not be so good in those moments.

What I will also say about this is that for some of you, you are undoing a lot of knowledge, information that you have in one way or another been learning in other lives through certain teachers, certain places, knowledge, information that has some value, but within it, there is some false light, whereby you have then done things, where you have sacrificed yourself in one way or another. Perhaps you have done things to deliberately harm yourself even, in the name of pursuing enlightenment.

So what I’m really speaking about are harsh practices that would make you feel low inside, things that you did where you denied yourself your basic needs in order to transcend the Earth, but actually what you ended up doing is actually leaving parts of yourself behind in order to be in an altered state of awareness, where you would neglect parts of yourself in favor of others, and it simply meant that those parts were empty.

What I’m also wanting you to know is that I would like you to actually embrace what feels good to you in life. I want you to go deeper into your being, into who you are, and really receive from life what you would like to, and give yourself permission to do this, and through this you will be able to do the same for others, give them permission, and it will increase the level of light on Earth.