Love relationships and sexuality


Time for clearing – patience, divine timing
Allowing others to go through their journeys
Traumas coming up relationships
Deeper intimacy with others


  • Transmission of light – relating to others
  • Sex, sexuality – major traumas, blocks
    • False indoctrination, negative contracts, other people’s energy
    • Things that have happened
    • Blueprint activation
    • Creating more safety sexually
  • Aspects of intimacy and connecting deeply
    • Heart – mistrust, betrayal, hurt, deep blockages, trauma, abuse
      • Protection around the heart
    • Personal power centre – solar plexus, dantian
      • Strengthening with the golden & diamond ray
    • Mind – false beliefs, negative thoughts – bringing clarity, right perspective
  • Highest timeline activation, updating contracts

Time of extraordinary stories of transforming from one life to another

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