Feeling something is missing


Feeling changes are imposed on you
The changes going on are very positive
Being a part of the cosmic collective for many lifetimes
Life is favouring the light of oneness
Going deeper and sorting things out on a soul level


  • Feeling something is missing, shortchanged
    • Attuning you to a higher energy – with Sanat Kumara
    • Feeling you’re not able to do what you’d like to
    • Feeling there’s something missing in you
    • Feeling what you’re offering is not welcome
  • Going deeper into what you’d like to be doing
    • Things in the way of meeting these deeper desires
    • Things coming from your lineage
    • Deeper aspects of your inner child and sense of self

Wanting to make a difference in the world but finding yourself overpowered by negativity
Doing things step by step
Healing as you move forwards
Nobody will be excluded from life

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