Facilitating greater cleansing


Clearing from your higher self vs your earthly self – smoother journey vs a clumsy process
Going inwards to receive information
Life can be much simpler – getting to the essence of what is going on


  • Connecting deeper with the Earth
    • Getting more strength, vitality, power
    • Disconnecting from anything draining you
    • Returning lost parts
  • Aligning heaven and Earth with the platinum ray
    • Areas ready for alignment
    • Energies you’re stuck in – with the violet ray
  • Working with the dimensions
    • 4D – anything not supporting you
    • 5D – past lives; bringing positive energies
    • 6D – creating something new
    • 7D – anything interfering with having what you want
    • 8D, 9D – silver/violet light
    • 10D, 11D – energy of oneness
    • 12D – strengthening connection to the oneness, connecting with your soul family
    • Back to 3D – clearing anything interfering with your progress

Keeping the violet flame going
Working with Metatron and the merkaba for protection

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