Burning away what is no longer right


Things under the surface
Bringing a greater awareness to life as part of the cosmic collective
Lower and higher energies escalating
There is no such thing as coincidence


  • Grounding you more in the 3D
  • Taking you to the 4th through to the 9th dimension and burning energies away with the violet flame, Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain
  • 9th dimension – deeper work
    • Burning a book with an energy imprint
    • Book with relationships
    • Another theme
    • Something else that is ready to leave
    • Taking you back down to the 3D
  • Clearing anything left over
  • Placing your home in the violet flame
    • Anything that’s happened to you
    • Curses, spells, attacks
    • Other inhabitants
  • Energies absorbed from other people
    • Negative ancestors
    • Negative thought forms
    • Body dysmorphia

Knowing the truth with the violet flame

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