Clearing what’s coming up


Clearing what is moving through you
Energies awakening in you
Time of cleansing


  • Energies around you
  • Spells and curses, sorcery, black magic
  • Devices, implants
  • Ancestral energies – curses, contracts, dark planets
    • Infusing the lineage with a boost of light
  • Limiting energy frequencies
    • Authenticity
    • Not being seen and heard
    • Not fully functioning
    • Communicating your point of view
  • New energies
    • Going forwards with your purpose
    • Being with the rest of life
    • Going forwards in new ways
  • Inappropriate contracts
  • New contracts
    • Having your needs met easily
    • Moving forwards smoother
    • Being in places of significance
  • Highest timeline activation

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