Special group: Ancestral healing


Group held in the Pyrenees, France on 21 May

Includes a text transcript

Bypassing earthly processes in spirit
Time to clear problems fast
Sharing skills to enhance your lives
Time to be fully well
No need to overextend yourself
Wellness is a feeling inside


  • Going into places that need help
  • Anything affecting you in this moment
  • Active past lives in the area; shared lives
  • Past lives deeply impacting you
    • Trauma to do with fully embracing life, being stopped in your tracks, having to keep alive
  • Feeling you’re not able to be in certain environments
  • Ancestral line – bringing in supportive ancestors
    • Handling back what is not yours
    • Absorbing negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs from ancestors
    • Clearing for the ancestors, asking forgiveness
    • Removing negative devices, structures
    • Asking to receive a blessing for each ancestor
    • Positive ancestors coming in
  • New beings coming in to help
    • Isis – healing parts wounded from negative ancestors
  • Feelings about your lineage
  • Anything else you’re affected by
  • Receiving a blessing

Looking for signs of changes
Experiencing things very fast as part of your healing
Meeting incarnate angels to make things happen fast
Some people will not want answers