Unhappiness with the way life is going


Things taking you by surprise
Whatever has been taken, lost, stolen is coming back to you
Unexpected, unusual things happening
Soul is always trying to create for you what’s in alignment with the oneness
Going through processes with your personality
Stay away from negative people in the world


  • Going deeper into parts of you unhappy with the way life is going
    • Relating to others
    • Something you’re yearning to do but not doing
    • Not being able to express something
    • Bring unable to do your purpose
    • Being in your own power and being with people
    • Area/home you’re living in
    • Not being able to be the sort of person you’d like to be
    • Feeling unable to have the life you want
  • Helping you to have what you want
    • Having exactly what you want – with Mary Magdalene
    • Being able to be in your power and be met and appreciated
    • Recognising you’re able to be in a state to have all your needs met

Be prepared for things you do not expect

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