Things holding you back


Energies conducive to moving forwards
Things holding you back from going forwards easily
Wounding on a soul level
Being part of a minority, excluded
Time for lightworkers to be in the limelight


  • Themes holding you back
    • Exclusion, being left out, on the periphery
    • Feeling disempowered
    • Being taken away from your purpose by people
    • Having to take the lead and not receiving support
    • Not being trusted, given opportunities; being disregarded
    • Being neglected
    • Not being given what you need
  • Taking you up to the 9th dimension and burning books on each of these themes
  • Taking you to the 6th dimension and giving you energies to help you flourish on all levels
    • Being a part of life
    • Being in your own energy
    • Being in your power
    • Having what you need
    • Being appreciated, seen and heard
    • Your destined outcome on a soul level
  • Taking you back to the 3rd dimension
  • Connecting to power in the Earth

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