Clearing the ancestral line


Includes a text transcript

Ancient, ancestral energies
Clearing the ancestral line on deeper levels
Having to overcome challenges coming in through the bloodline
Letting go of what is not yours
Finding yourself on a deeper level


  • External energies
  • Taking on energies from other people
  • Ancestral line
    • Experiences of lack, working hard
    • Being unable to be yourself in the world
    • Being unable to accomplish life goals
    • Being unable to rise above your circumstances
    • Anything taken from ancestors
    • Clearing your frequencies
    • Disempowerment
    • Dark energies
    • Putting a blueprint of wellness into the ancestral line
  • Healing for your life
  • Feeling you have a lot on your plate
    • Optimal lifestyle blueprint transmission
  • Highest timeline activation

Clearing your energy

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