Being in your own power


Deciding the best way to move forwards
Embracing things on a deeper level
Going deep into what you’re passionate about
Combining knowledge
Feeling agitated – going through end times, deep awakening
Making you more attractive to the things you desire


  • Deeper connection to the heavenly realm
    • Allowing the star energy to clear negativity
  • Imprints from the ancestral line
    • Clearing what you’ve agreed to carry
  • Dormant energies around not being able to be in your power
    • Negative beliefs, contracts and agreements, feelings
  • Contracts and agreements
    • Being in your own power; darker forces
  • Clearer connection to yourself
  • Active past lives – losing power, feeling persecuted, undermined
  • Clearing the third eye, psychic interference
  • Highest timeline activation

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