Going deeper into your life purpose


Includes a text transcript

Challenging energies around – negative past lives to do with moving forwards
Old energies holding you back
No-one is asking you to be fully there for anyone


  • Transmission from your higher self
    • Desires of your soul
  • Childhood years – changing your desires, places you’ve missed out
    • Unfulfilled wishes in childhood years
    • Going deeper is about letting go
    • Deeper connection with yourself and others
    • Making difficult decisions
  • Going deeper into the letting go process
    • Home, family unit
    • Work, purpose
    • Relationships with people
    • Other things – hobbies, etc
    • Anything else – identities, concepts, beliefs

Each of you is a part of the cosmic collective, but with a fluid function
No person is the same as you, so don’t try to copy anyone

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