Feeling life is not on your side


Includes a text transcript

Attuning to lots of energies
Changing your reality
Transforming things on a deeper level
True authentic communication, real answers, acknowledging each other’s pain


  • Physical safety of your body and being
    • Download of safety
  • Feeling provided for in material resources
    • Download of being well provided for
  • Not being able to play your part in life
  • Feeling you can never achieve your dreams
    • Download of knowing your dreams will happen
  • Negative ancestral energies
    • Bringing in positive energies
  • Feeling unable to be at peace
    • Creating easier circumstances
  • Being unable to stay in the present moment
  • Feeling life is working our for you in your higher purpose
  • Not feeling able to be happy in this life
  • Infusion of positive energy

Experience of feeling your pain body
Falling into traps

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