1:1 Sessions with Jabeen


Jabeen offers 1:1 sessions by Skype, phone or in person in her sanctuary in Wells. 

For an hour it is £75, or half hour £40.


A message from Archangel Raphael on the effectiveness of the sessions:

“I would like you to know that when I am with you in a one-to-one I am able to do a lot for you. I am able to communicate to you what you are feeling inside in words, because when I am in your field I can see what is going on in you energetically, emotionally, and give you a direct translation of your state, which will help you to see more clearly what is going on.

Also I am able to give you information about your life, help you to see things more clearly by giving you a deeper attunement to how you feel about your life, the people in it. There is something that I can do for you that you cannot easily do for yourself when you are immersed in life. I am able to give you a clear translation of the way you feel because I see how your energy is interacting with others in your environment. I am also able to help you to be more in the spirit, give you information that will help you to be in a more centered state, where you are in the oneness, and thereby you are able to be in a state of creating more positivity in your life. You are able to transform life situations by being in the spirit, by being in a positive vibration.

Finally, what I do best is help you to go deeper into yourself and to fathom out what is going on, there so that anything that is in the way of you moving forwards can be cleared. I am very good at helping you to go into core life issues, and I’m good at helping you to clear them away. I do this best because I am the angel of healing, and I am able to help people be more themselves. That is all.”

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