Turbulence, exploring new things, massive changes, family karma, alliances

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When you are walking forward in the spirit it is always going to be slightly turbulent

I would like you to know that I’m speaking on behalf of many other beings, and they would like you to be aware that they are with you as I speak to you. It is good for you to know that when you are walking forward in the spirit it is always going to be slightly turbulent, because as you go within you will find areas of yourself that need more healing, need more wellness. I would like you to be aware that there is a lot to be said for negative energies in life that come and in one way or another disrupt your inner harmony. By this I mean people who have energies in them, which are not in the light – people who have some feeling in them to cause you harm, people who come at you with negative energy, because they want to take from you. What I will say is there is such a thing as being so much in your inner harmony and wellness that nothing can disrupt you, but for most people it takes a long time to get there. What we would like to work on in this particular live stream is helping you to find deeper harmony from within.

I also would like to share that there is a lot of negative energy around, and most of it comes from other lifetimes which are clearing, so even when you do not realise it, it is often other lives which are purging through you and other people. The reason I say this is so that you can have clarity into why sometimes things go a certain way in life, because other lives come into play. What I would also like to do in this live stream is clear past lives, and also the energies behind them, and finally what I would like to share with you are messages for the week ahead.

Energies are quite good at the moment for exploring new things

I would like to give you a few more messages before I do the clearings. I would like you to know that this week has been very different to other weeks – a lot of you have found that there has been greater balance within and without you, have felt more well, perhaps; you have engaged in activities you do not normally engage with, such as going out on longer journeys, going to new places, or even perhaps trying something completely new. What I see is that energies are quite good at the moment for exploring new things, new areas – you may even find that some of you who are listening feel inclined to actually be very much in your spirit and do things very spontaneously in the week ahead as well. The reason I say this is because as you broaden your horizons new possibilities are there for you that will excite you on a spiritual level and elevate you to a greater level of wellness. Sometimes I say to you: stay focused on your inner work and this will bring you everything you need, and at the moment I say the same, but I also say that when you feel it, do things which are going to give you more energy – go places, do things which are a bit out of the norm for you, and see what happens. I also would like to share that the benefits of doing this are manyfold, because through this it takes you away from old internal energies, brings in new higher perspectives, but also on the Earth plane it introduces you to new places and people, which actually in the future could be your gateway forwards into a new life.

All of you will see massive changes in your lives on a day-to-day level

I would like to share with all of you that it is approaching the right time for massive changes to happen in all your lives – it is approaching, and to be patient and allow this to happen when it is right. For some of you it will be sooner, for others later, but all of you will see massive changes in your lives on a day-to-day level. I would like to clarify that most of the time you are all feeling rather in one way or another dismal on one level, because I see that every single person has a lot going on – a lot of family karma coming up actually, a lot of issues from other lives. A lot of you have been reflecting on your childhood years, feeling perhaps that what you have been through is much more than you ever realised, and this is because it is all clearing from your system, and you are feeling every little fragment of it coming up. Allow it to come up and keep asking for cleansing from the inside. I would like to share with you that for some of you hearing this you are feeling a bit afraid of the future – you are feeling afraid that nothing much will ever happen for you, and what I will say is for those of you who feel this way, remember to take stock of how far you have already come, and in your mind be well-assured that whatever has already changed for you, it is going to change so many more times over, that you really cannot imagine how much. Whatever has already happened, you will have those changes multiplied many times over the next few years.

I am going to do some clearings for you now, past lives, but also strengthening your feelings of inner wellness, so nothing can take you away from it. Be present, and I will do the past lives with the Lords of Karma, and Metatron as well, who will clear the issues from where they first started, and I will also include some ancestral clearing, so anything you are feeling at the moment that is from your ancestral line will be cleared by Kathumi. Be present, and it will be done, all of this at once.

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It is a good time for making new alliances

I would like you to know that this is done. What I would like to share with you now is some messages for the week ahead. As you go forward this week, remember that it is a case of needing to follow your own intuition. Be with yourselves, be with your own inner flow of light, and see where this takes you. Do not be afraid of taking risks, going off on adventures, but also be mindful of your own energy and see what feels right. I also would like you to know that it is a good time for making new alliances with new people, making new friends that can potentially take you forwards into a new life, but it is also a good time for reacquainting yourselves with old friends, old alliances, and re-establishing regular contact with the right people. Finally I will say do not be afraid of speaking your mind, because when you do, the right people will come in closer, and the wrong people will walk away. It is a time when you need to stand more in your power centre than ever, and go forwards in this way. I have no more messages, but I would like to remind you that a lot of what I do in this live stream is help you to have the right perspective, to go forwards in a way that is in harmony with your inner being, and for this reason I would like all of you to know that there is really no rush. The rest of your lives are going to be good, and at the moment take your time to feel what you feel to purge what is needed – go within and be there. Do not feel that there is any rush to be in a good state fast – just be with what is and clear it and keep going, and at the same time be open to new opportunities in life. That is all.