Groups & Talks

Inner Child Healing Groups

These groups are held energetically by Archangel Raphael and his accompanying angels. He is also able to translate messages from your own angels and guides in groups. The group is about receiving a higher energy from Raphael and this enables the people present to go deeper into parts of themselves that need energy work. Archangel Raphael conveys the words and gives people energy to help them move forwards with their lives in new ways, more in the Light.

Groups are every Tuesday at 7.30pm in Wells
£10/£8 concession
Remote attendance possible – please sign up using the link or contact Jabeen directly

Clearing and Recalibration Groups

These groups are an energetic reset. They are designed as an ongoing support group for people who are working on themselves to clear old energies and to keep embodying higher frequencies. According to what is active in the vibrations of those present (since energies can only be cleared when they are activated otherwise they lie dormant and unseen in one’s vibration), there will be clearings that will be done. Archangel Raphael will be guiding all the processes and work alongside other cosmic beings to do the clearings, which include past lives, core life issues, other people’s energies that may affecting one, psychic attachments and other relevant clearings. Higher frequencies of light will then be given raise one’s vibration and to feel more aligned to Source in one’s body and being. 

Every other Friday at 7pm – 9pm in Wells
£10/£8 concession
Remote attendance possible – please sign up using the link or contact Jabeen directly

Archangel Raphael on the groups:

“When you attend a group I will be with each participant, attuning into their energy, and helping each person go deeper into whatever they need to go deeper into. When you come to the Inner Child groups I will really work according to who is in the room, and help each person to access more of themselves in terms of what they need to clear and heal from the past.

When you come to a Clearing and Recalibration group it is more about me attuning to every part of the energy of the people who are present, and clearing on every level needed, which includes past lives, which includes energies that you are feeling from others, which includes other aspects of the self which need to come into alignment with Source. Remember, I can only clear what is active in one’s vibration.”

Please contact Jabeen via the contact form below if you would like to attend either or both groups.