Teachings of the White Brethren

In this section the White Brethren will be sharing knowledge and information that has not been readily available up until now.

Connecting Heaven And Earth
CHAE-Book-ImageConnecting Heaven and Earth is a book that we have received from the White Brethren containing knowledge about our interconnection with all life-forms and how to commune with each other purposefully for healing, harmony and wholeness.   Read more
The 2012 Talks
2012-Talks-Collection-Book-ImageThe White Brethren have presented a series of talks on the cosmic event that occurred in the later part of 2012. In these talks the White Brethren have elaborated on the changes we will experience before, during and after this time, giving guidance on how best to prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities that will arise as a consequence of this unique and momentus event.   Read more