Handmade malas of gemstone, seed or wooden beads.

Japa (Sanskrit) is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of an aspect of the Divine.
Ananda (Sanskrit) means perfect bliss, happiness or joy.
A mala (Sanskrit), meaning garland, is used to count the recitation of mantras or names of the Divine.

Our malas are made with the sincere intent that those who use them might know the joy of union and inner realisation
of the aspect of the Divine of their chosen mantra.



Full Mala

Half Mala

Quarter Mala


"In these times long gone it was a common practise to commune with fellow beings in alignment with their true nature and yours and the common practice that was employed to do this, to harmonise your energy field with others, was to use Sacred mantras to create a positive vibration around the energy field that was open to receiving and giving out higher energies of growth, optimism, wellness.
When you are chanting mantras of a higher vibration you are creating a harmonious energy field around you and this is feeding positive vibrations into the air around you." 
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"This is feeding you as well as others and so this is creating a positive environmental field for you to be true to yourself and be able to commune with others in an authentic fashion. It is necessary to employ these methods in this day and age to harmonise your own energy field with the cosmic forces and to create clear intent and vibrations around you that others may feed off and be inspired by so they too may access parts of themselves close to their true nature.
Mantras are the easiest way to cleanse and purify the mind and allow the gentle breeze, the pure knowing to come to the surface."  -  Connecting Heaven And Earth p31.