Rosewood & Rose Quartz

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This mala is sold but can be ordered. Please contact for details or custom alterations.

27 light Rosewood counting beads of 6mm divided into sections of 9 beads by two 8mm Rose Quartz marker beads. The Rosewood beads will darken somewhat over time from obsorbing the oils from ones hand.

The Guru bead is Rose Quartz and measures 10mm wide, the extension bead is a copper plated heart.

This mala is made to be adjustable in the amount of space prefered between the beads as they are moved by the thumb after each mantra is recited. The tassle can be pulled away from the Guru bead to provide more cord length into the mala for a greater space between the counting bead or subsequently the tassle can be slid closer to the Guru bead by pulling on the knotted silk thread in the tassle to take in the slack. The rich pink tassle is 2 inches long and handmade of cotton and the threading cord is a bright pink silk thread.

This mala can be worn on the wrist by pulling enough cord through to fit over the hand and then tightening, the mala has a 20.5mm circumference so will fit a similiar size wrist. It is a good way to keep the attunement of your practice in the forefront of your awareness as well as benefit from the vibrational qualities of the Rose Quartz.




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