Red Jasper


27 Red Jasper beads with 2 Black Lava marker beads marking 9 bead sections. Meditation/marker beads can help to bring the mind back to focus on the mantra being chanted if it has wondered or if one is absorbed in the practice it is a tactile indication of the progress made through the mala. The Red Jasper are 8mm and the Lava are 8mm flanked by silver bead caps.

The Guru bead is a 10mm Lava bead with silver bead caps and the extension bead is 8mm Lava.


The mala is strung on red silk thread and is finished off with a 2 inch black handmade cotton tassle.

This mala is made to be adjustable in the amount of space prefered between the beads as they are moved by the thumb after each mantra is recited. The tassle can be pulled away from the Guru bead to provide more cord length into the mala for a greater space between the counting bead or subsequently the tassle can be slid closer to the Guru bead by pulling on the knotted silk thread in the tassle to take in the slack.

There is a matching full mala available here.



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