Late Summer 2013  -  Archangel Raphael

The coming times ahead will provide a mechanism for you all to express your virtues, the virtuous aspects of the Self that you have discovered by going within of late. You are all going to play a large part in the coming times ahead, larger than ever before. All of you hearing our words now are a part of the collective, the cosmic collective, here to make a difference in the lives of others in individual ways unique to you only. I would like to specify that everything you have been dealing with of late is going to be expressed externally. You will notice external changes that will resonate with the issues you have been working on. You will notice positive changes in the directions you have been working on within. I know that some of you here are feeling a little bit despondent, you are not noticing the changes that are happening in your own lives because they are so small at present you cannot even see them. The pace of life however will speed up for all of you in a good way and you will notice that the coming times ahead will start to reflect your true life choices that you make within yourselves day by day. Please do not be despondent now, allow the incoming changes to happen in their own time. Rest assured that everything you have been working on within yourself will come to pass and you will notice directly relevant changes happen as a result of what you have been working through. No one will be excluded from this.

Finally I would like to mention one more thing, it is about using what you currently have as a gift, a virtue, and extending it outwards some more in ways that feel comfortable, resonant with yourself. Perhaps you may take the initiative in reaching out to a group of people who you do not normally reach out to. Take small steps outwards, extend your remit, the remit of the work you are doing, the target audiences of what you are expressing in the world as your career, work, offering. That is all.