Late Spring 2013  -  Archangel Gabriel
We would like to convey our congratulations, for you have arrived at the brink of a new dawn that will bring blessings for all beings who are incarnate. Collectively, you are not feeling as isolated as you once were, although there is room for improvement, to connect more with each other, to find ways of receiving positive affirmation from each other, uniquely tailored for each individual.

The governing, higher body of consciousness that we are a part of are receiving vast information from all of you about what is collectively needed. You all need the same thing right now. Amongst you all is a desperate need, a pleading, for a greater diversity of opportunities to serve others, for more appreciation, for more mutual giving and receiving amongst you. A place of sharing, caring community minded, focused sharing. You are all heading in the same direction, you are all receiving guidance on how to commune with others purposefully for healing, to release negatively charged emotions. You are all equally able to commune purposefully with each other, though some of you are not as forthcoming as others are. You will be receiving as a whole, inwardly, guidance on how to connect with others, how to receive more appreciation that can grow into self love. You must receive outward affirmation in order to then be able to grow further inwardly, both are equally important in order to grow, to extend outwards more and more. If you are not being received well by others, you no longer hold the vision of sharing collectively because you are not feeling valued, appreciated by others. As you receive praise, are commended for your efforts, you are then able to reach out more and more and connect with others, receive even more positive affirmation and grow even more into your true form, here on earth.

This is the type of energy that is really needed from all of you, you need to reach out to others, collectively speaking, and speak the higher truth about everyone you meet and eventually you will all exceed your expectations about life, you will all grow further into harmony and oneness and most of all you will all serve your purpose optimally because you will be aware of the difference an individual unit can make on others. Our vision collectively, for all of you that is, is that you can exceed your initial expectations about life. Inwardly you may feel reserved about how far you can stretch out and embrace others in your unique ways. You can all make a far reaching difference, more far reaching than you initially envisioned by communing with others purposefully, pointing out what you are each good at doing. This is what is needed collectively, far reaching friendships of a different kind, communion on a higher level than before and finally you must take into account that you are all in different places of evolutionary change and so you must not simply commune with each other as if you are all the same kind. You must point out to others meaningfully, with an accurate transmission, of what is actually, evidently true for them, not what you project onto them from yourself. I am saying this so that you learn how to do this and you no longer refrain from speaking your higher mind.

On a final note I would like to say that you have all received an incredible amount of transmission from higher plains already about your life work, about how to proceed next. You are no longer feeling listless. I believe all of you, somewhat, who are hearing this, are already able to attune to higher realms and receive information for yourselves, therefore our message collectively is about how to attune with others rather than how to receive for yourselves because, more or less, you already know what direction to proceed in for your own life goals and purpose.

I am Gabriel speaking and may my words inspire you to become hunters and gatherers of a different kind, to look for in each other your own true selves. Wherever you may be on your purpose, in your evolutionary cycle, you may look into others and find an element of your true self - your past, present or future destiny.