Rose and Rhodonite


This is a full mala of 108 beads consisting of 78 Rosewood, 18 Rhodonite and 12 Rose Quartz 8mm beads.

There are 3 spacer or meditation beads, 2 Rose Quartz placed after 27 beads from the Guru beads and 1 Rhodonite placed after 54 beads, half way through the mala. These are surrounded by 2 silver bicone beads. Meditation/marker beads can help to bring the mind back to focus on the mantra being chanted if it has wondered and it is an indication of the progress made through the mala.

The Guru bead is made up of Rose Quartz beads strung together to encircle emptiness, the pregnant void.

The mala is made with approximately a bead width of extra space so that the beads can be moved along after each mantra. It is strung on white silk thread and finished off with a deep pink cotton tassle about 2 inches long. 

This mala comes with a beautiful and conveniant zip up pouch that the mala fits snugly into to keep it secure and help to retain its vibrational resonance that is built up when used in reciting a mantra. The pouch measures 10 x 5 cm.




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