Custom Orders


Buddha statue with custom order malasIf you feel inspired by the malas you have seen on the website but feel like you would like to create your own unique mala tailored to your specific needs and preferences then I would be very happy to work with you to create a mala that is perfect for you.

On the right of the page there is a comprehensive list of gemstone, wood and seed beads that I can easily obtain to make a custom mala. I do not have the properties of each item listed yet, but it is there as a reference. There are a wide variety of options to be creative with in this process, from beads to spacers to cord colour to traditional style or contemporary. This is your mala for your practice so make it right for you.

Below is a form to fill in, the fields are optional, but it gives a good starting point to work from. I find it the most useful to start with the main counting beads, marker and guru beads as this will usually inform the style and feel of the other components. There are many options when it comes to spacer beads, bead caps etc. in terms of style and price so if this aspect is narrowed down to a particular style I can then offer examples and suggestions if that is required.

Our mala's are usually spaced in the Tibetan style of a marker bead after 27 counting beads, spacing the full mall into four sections, but any personal preference of spacing can be specified, for example:

Mantra style of 21 - 33 - 33 - 21

Zen style of 7 - 14 - 66 - 14 - 7

or simply a 108 bead mala without any spacer beads.



Main counting beads-type and size:
Guru bead-type and size:
Marker beads-type and size:
Spacer & offset style:
Spacing style:
Cord colour:

Hand knotted?:
Any other information: