2012 New Year Message
White-LotusThe year ahead will be a manifestation of your Divine intentions to co-create with others a less individualised society and instead a mutually cooperative one based on common values of Divine Grace, Oneness consciousness in all walks of life. A more fitting term for 2012 and the common promises ahead is the year of dreamers and diggers because you will create together a new world and you will ground your spirituality, anchor new Light on earth in profound ways that will simultaneously affect all other life-forms at large.

One word of warning is not to stretch beyond your capacity, to stretch inner resources too far, too soon. Hold on to your highest visions and take the right steps in the right timing. Do not go too fast, too far too soon because your resources will run dry before the end point, before you have established what you are seeking to co-create with others. Spend time regularly communing inwardly with higher realms to access a higher viewpoint, to delve deep into your own outer reality, to let go of angst, to visualise new realities accurately. To make all activities on the outer plane fruitful one must be able to differentiate between what is worthwhile to pursue and what is dead wood, a dead weight to carry along. You must shed layers not only of the personality but also on the outside. What does not serve you must alas return to the oneness and come back into your life in new ways, tried and tested old ways that do not bring fruitful outcomes must be shed in the proceeding months.

Early January is a good time to pursue your outer goals as accurately as you can do and in the later months you will shed more layers of the ego-personality. The outer layers will come next in the months proceeding that. By June, July time you will have reached a new plateau in your life path, a point, a juncture where you will retain the old that still serves you, serves your needs, and will have let go of other layers of your life that no longer serve your needs.

The welfare of others as well as yourselves is the primary concern for all of you attuning to our realm so we will speak a little about what is needed for others to prosper too. You must be willing to expand your visioning abilities to include each and every life-form so you must see to reviewing previous intentions to include other parts of life which are in dire, desperate need of help and rejuvenation. Finally spend time amongst others who too are able to assist with the fruition of your plans, even if your plans do not include them as forefathers of your groundbreaking works, you may still sit and vision with them what is needed in the world at large.

I am correct in assuming, I believe, that you are all pursuing a spiritual goal in one way or another and therefore I wish to alert you that the world at large will change rapidly as the year proceeds and there will be a juncture where all spiritual goals, ambitions which include others, will prosper well so you must ready yourselves for this time, for this shift in way of thinking amongst the masses. All worthwhile endeavours will start to prosper rapidly after this time. Meanwhile use your time to forge alliances with others, to create with others what is needed to serve the masses in later days. You are at the forefront, the forebearers of the new world, take responsibility for what you are creating with others who are like-minded to yourselves. Be responsible parents so to speak, guardians even, of the new world which is created by people like yourselves. Those of you who display a larger sense of initiative will be given a larger part to play as the year proceeds therefore take your responsibilities seriously now for co-creating a new world with others because your part in future days depends on the initiative that you display now. In fact the part that you will play in later days is directly proportional to the part that you are playing now or will play in the year to come. If you are willing now, later you will be given in abundance opportunities to create even larger projects with others.