The Shift of 11 - 11 - '11
The earth's timeline is now set and people have made the right choice.

11 - 11 - '11 marked a shift. It was like a light switch turning and things are heading in the right direction. There has been a shift in the collective consciousness now already made and we will head in a certain direction. It will be a good direction, there is no need to fear that the changes predicted will not happen, the positive changes, and the new era will be heralded in come the later part of next year. You have all made the correct choices up until now.

I am pleased that you have asked this question because up until now there has been a discrepancy amongst all of you about what is actually going on and some of you have predicted that the Earth has no more than 10 years left, some even say that it will end next year. This is no longer the case and I speak in these words because once it was the case. Enough of you have desired the light source that is coming for the new era to come in. Without a consensus amongst you it would not have been possible to even prepare you for what is to come and many of you would have simply left the planet because you would not have been able to handle what is to come. There are certain changes going on within you currently that you may not be consciously aware of but they are going on anyway, in all of you, because you have decided that this is to happen.

We on the angelic realm are bringing in higher frequencies of light to prepare all of you for next year. Without adequate preparation you would simply not be able to take in this level of light that is to come. It is like your physical bodies would not be sufficiently prepared and so you would shrivel up internally, you would start to feel dazed and confused and this would quickly lead to chaos and disarray that would lead to disaster. I have seen this in an alternative reality. We see many things on this plane. We attune to many alternative realities at any one time and yes this has been predicted because at one time this was the case, when humanity really had to choose between the light and the dark, between going forwards and staying put, but enough of you have chosen and so it is all good now. You no longer need to worry, you simply need to focus on the task at hand. The world is already saved, so to speak, and take our words literally because it is quite true. This can be verified through numerous sources.