Messages and Teachings

"So I tell you now the steps you must take,
first to inwardly align yourselves to the cosmic collective,
secondly to go out and bring this to others." 
Seasonal Meassages
Timely messages from the Ascended Masters and Archangels about the current pervading energetic environment and shifts in consciousness.   Read more

*Latest*  Late Summer 2013 - Archangel Raphael.    The coming times ahead will provide a mechanism for you all to express your virtues, the virtuous aspects of the Self that you have discovered by going within of late. You are all going to play a large part in the coming times ahead, larger than ever before.   Read more
Connecting Heaven And Earth
CHAE-Book-ImageConnecting Heaven and Earth is a book that we have received from the White Brethren containing knowledge about our interconnection with all life-forms and how to commune with each other purposefully for healing, harmony and wholeness.  Read more

Community Living
Community-Living-Book-ImageThis is a collection of extracts from material the White Brethren have channelled about living harmoniously in community.  Read more

The 2012 Talks
2012-Talks-Collection-Book-ImageThe White Brethren have presented a series of talks on the cosmic event that occurred in the later part of 2012. In these talks the White Brethren have elaborated on the changes we will experience before, during and after this time, giving guidance on how best to prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities that will arise as a consequence of this unique and momentus event.  Read more

Talks given by the White Brethren
The White Brethren talk on a wide variety of topics that are most relevant for the time and the audience.   Read more

*Latest*  Harmonious Community Living.    To create harmony and balance on planet earth at this moment in time requires a concerted effort from all of you to come together as comrades of light, of conscious itself.   Read more

2012 New Year Message
The year ahead will be a manifestation of your Divine intentions to co-create with others a less individualised society and instead a mutually cooperative one based on common values of Divine Grace,White-Lotus Oneness consciousness in all walks of life. A more fitting term for 2012 and the common promises ahead is the year of dreamers and diggers because you will create together a new world and you will ground your spirituality, anchor new Light on earth in profound ways that will simultaneously affect all other life-forms at large.   Read more

The Shift of 11 - 11 - '11
Earth-Sunrise-FullThe earth's timeline is now set and people have made the right choice.

11 - 11 - '11 marked a shift. It was like a light switch turning and things are heading in the right direction. There has been a shift in the collective consciousness now already made and we will head in a certain direction. It will be a good direction, there is no need to fear that the changes predicted will not happen... Read more


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