Christmas Message 2013 - Archangel Michael
There are many discrepancies occurring on the earth plane currently, collectively, not individually. Between people of different tribes, different faiths, cultural origins. You see the world is changing, the diversity of different cultures is not acknowledged by some who seek to govern the nations. There are varies changes happening that are independent of the people who are being governed. It is important to acknowledge every tribe member, every part of creation, every different faith and culture because each one plays a part in governing the future days ahead. I am speaking broadly because this subject matter is close to our hearts right our words now because many types of people are not acknowledged still. They are kept in the darkness by some, not given adequate provision. I am speaking of human rights on a global scale. Certain cultures are not acknowledged. There are differences between different groups of people currently on the earth plane and this must be bridged by embracing the diversity of cultural origins on the earth plane. there is not one type of faith that should be dominant over another. I am speaking on religious matters now. There are certain religions that seek to dominate over others, that seek to be dominant over peoples attitudes. It is important to firstly understand where they are coming from, the people, before you can seek to convert others to your way of life and living. I would like to see a merging of different faiths and cultures into one way that embraces all others. A merging between fractions so that they can embrace one another, acknowledge where they are each coming from and seek to collate information, understandings from the Source. I would like this to be the start of a new world religion, the coming together first and foremost of different cultures and faiths, sharing understandings, doctrines. It is important to do this. It is no small task, not for any one individual to undertake, but for you all to start doing in individual ways so that the gap can be bridged now between different fractions and people can come together in more diverse ways through spiritual practices that they all engage in together in individual ways. For example people can congregate to say a prayer for one another in spiritual groups, people of different faiths and nationalities. I would like to see this happening more and more. Spread our words far and wide so that people may receive the benefit of our teachings to enhance the global populations understanding of one another. The differences you perceive in one another's faiths, religion, is only fractional compared to all the similarities between you. Seek to come together in this spirit.

Finally I have an offering for all of you who are hearing our words, it is to communicate more widely with one another. I would like you all to be aware that our words are coming direct from Source so you may offer our words, teachings to others and say it is direct from Source Itself. This is my offering to you so that you may diversify your own lives. Share our teachings far and wide and we will accompany you on your journeys to becoming bridges, human bridges for each other.

The Christmas Spirit is embraced in my teaching here, this message for the general population, for everyone in fact. It embraces the spirit of this new time, this new age to bring together different fractions into one, to embrace one another as a mirror of yourself. The highest part on yourselves are contained in one another as are the lowest. Focus on the highest and see this come to life more and more, see it burn up the old outworn and see a new society forming of love, truth and understanding. That is all.