Harmonious Community Living
Archangel Gabriel


I will speak on numerous subject areas here. The subject matter need not be contained to only this because I see that there is a need amongst you all to hear about numerous subject areas that are close to your mind and heart, that resonate to your way of thinking right now. I am not confined to this locality, I am here, present within each one of you here. I am attuning to each one here individually. I am not necessarily one being of light, I am made up of individualised parts that make up the whole of me and I attune to each one of you in this way. I am not speaking here in a way that is audible to your senses in other ways. I speak primarily to give information in a conscious way to you through this channel that I am ever-present in you and I am speaking to you from other realms. I am beside you now. I would like you to focus on your internal state of mind right now so that you may feel the energetic impact of my presence here. 

I would like to further clarify why I am speaking in this manner, it is to make the information readily available to you in a format you will understand intellectually as well as energetically receive through transmission alone. I am not necessarily conveying to you all the information you need to know about community life. It is dissected based on what you need to know in this moment of time. I know there is much to share on this subject matter and let us begin by clarifying what it is to live in a community setting. You may or may not be accustomed to community life and living, you may have received information from us previously about this topic, you may be accustomed to receiving internally already information that we are conveying through word of mouth now. I am an archetypal presence amongst you, I have been present for a very long time on planet earth and I speak in this manner now to make my presence audible so you can hear my words.

To create harmony and balance on planet earth at this moment in time requires a concerted effort from all of you to come together as comrades of light, of consciousness itself. To live in harmony and balance with each other requires this in everyday life, it requires that you create a concrete example to others of what it is to live this way in your everyday life. It does not necessarily require that you all live together in one community setting, although it will eventually. At this moment in time it requires you to attune to each other sufficiently so as to acknowledge the Divinity in each one you are around. To do this takes a concerted effort to be aware of the Divinity, the Divine Presence in yourself, first and foremost. This information I am sharing is not new information to any of you here, however it needs to be shared first and foremost before you can even come together as comrades who are here to assist one another.

I would like to further clarify why it is you are seeking to come together now rather than live in isolation. This time we are now in requires you to live more in harmony with each other than ever before. There is great substance in this statement. The Cosmic collective are recognising that each one of you needs to be assisted in your life work sufficiently in order to amplify its affects on others wellbeing, state of mind. Your life purposes require that, in this incarnation it has not necessarily been a requirement before this time to the same extent as it is now. Each one of you here is destined to make a difference in the lives of others in enormous ways. I am not speaking arbitrarily to any one of you. I am speaking truthfully about what I know, based on what I see before me in this group. Each one of you will make a tremendous difference in the live of others. It is absolutely necessary to be supported in this. You are not able to accomplish your life purpose alone in this incarnation, therefore it require you to transcend certain personal differences with others and move together as a unit collectively, in harmony with one another. It is not necessary to agree with each other completely in order to do this. You may set aside personal differences and come together in harmony by attuning your cosmic mind to a higher vision of what each one of you requires on the planet right now. You are all destined to do this in this incarnation in some way or another. You must move towards this state of mind where you can recognise where each other is coming from and not necessarily agree in all facets of the personality expression of what it is you are trying to achieve. You may settle disputes harmoniously in this way, by agreeing to differ with one another about the way this is attained however you must attune your cosmic mind with each other about the ultimate outcome you are each trying to achieve in this lifetime through the varies projects that you set up. It is important to rectify differences that have occurred between individuals in this lifetime, where there have been hard feeling between people, where people have felt misheard by one another, misunderstood about what they are seeking to bring in, in this lifetime. It is important to resolve differences now with one another rather than later because time is speeding up. Everything is happening at a quicker rate than ever before and you will start to see changes happen on the earth plane more frequently that will require you to come together in a group setting. If you are at odds with one another it is important to sit down with one another and resolve differences. The best way you can do this is by taking time and space to consciously attune yourself to the ones that you have had differences with and send them a ray of cosmic light from your third eye to theirs so there is a spiritual understanding between you. This light will contain information that helps to resolve differences between people. You will receive a reciprocal amount of light from their third eye automatically and you will reach a harmonious understanding in Spirit first and this will then translate directly on the earth plane. I wish to mention one more thing about using this method. It is not always easy to attune to others where there has been disharmony between you. You are sometimes feeling an antagonism towards those who you have felt rejected by, upset by in some way or another, however this method does work and if you utilise it fully and completely, without any form of prejudice arising as you do it towards the person you are directing this cosmic ray of light towards there will be no misunderstanding left between you. Believe me, it actually works if you are able to utilise this method. I wish to speak to you directly about this subject matter internally. I wish to attune each one of you and mention a few things about what you can be clearing up right now in your own lives. I would like to make some time to do this now. Perhaps you may sit in silence for a few minutes and I will commune with each one of you. You will feel my presence.

It is not necessary to always agree with others, however you may understand their viewpoint better and this will ultimately bring greater harmony between you. Stay attuning to my presence, do not leave your inner state of being to attune to my words. Stay present within yourself and then you will better be able to appreciate what I am saying here. My words are meant to convey an energetic transmission. I would like to direct my words to you personally, each one of you, and I will speak according to who is here now. The best way to appreciate one another is to put aside differences and use your cosmic awareness to attune to their Spirit, their spiritual self. It is from this place of inner knowing that you will be able to express to them the truth about your relationship to them. Sometimes it is not possible to be with another person on the earth plane, it is not always appropriate to be with everybody, however you may understand why it is you are not in harmony with some beings when you are comprehending the spiritual differences in function in this lifetime. Each spirit has its own task to perform over a course of a lifetime. It changes also from place to place, however the ultimate function for each being is always the same for that being. The ultimate function does not change so sometimes it is necessary to move away from certain individuals because their function does not correlate with your own. However if you are to understand this from a cosmic level it produces no hard feelings. You are not left feeling betrayed or vulnerable in any way because they have left you, or vice versa. You are able to accept the changes that happen. I believe that this is one way of resolving differences, of creating more harmony between people. It is not the only way, it is one way only.

Another function of community living is to come together to support one another in daily life activities that leave you feeling drained normally if left to one person alone to perform. It is not necessary in a community setting to do everything yourself. You may support one another when it comes to day to day activities. You may make communal meals, for example, you may share the washing up, you may make a rota when it come to the cleaning, for example. These are very mundane tasks, I know, but it is quite relevant to speak of because all of these mundane tasks are made much easier when you come together in a unit of people. Furthermore I would like to clarify why it is so important, crucial in fact, to live in a community setup ultimately, not necessarily now, but as time goes on. It is required because times are changing. The world you are living in now will shift rapidly and it will not be possible to live separately anymore. Your daily lives will depend on coming together in a unit, you will not have enough of what you need if you continue to live separately. I am telling you this to pre-warn you of what is to come later on. It is not necessarily now, it is still some years down the line when this will happen however you must be co-creating now with other individuals a framework that you can use in the future when it is absolutely required of each one of you to live together in a community setup. It is necessary for each one of you here to be part of a community setup sooner or later. I would like each one of you to consider this now, to start seeding ideas that may grow when they are ready to into something concrete and grounded on the earth plane.

There is one more piece of information I would like to share with all of you before I open up the space to questions from you. I would like to mention the cosmic shift that occurred at the later part of last year. It is absolutely true that this did in fact happen. Some people question this, they believe life is just the same as before, however I absolutely would like to clarify that something shifted at the latter part of last year. Something has dramatically shifted energetically and you will start noticing the difference in people later on. It did not all happen as soon as we predicted. We believed that you would notice differences much sooner than now, but you will notice the differences very soon in your own personal lives, in your own collective lives. I would like to mention this because this makes a dramatic difference in your lives and it will affect anything that you have been doing up until now in dramatic ways. You will see this happen later on, it has not happened yet, but this cosmic shift has already occurred. I am pleased to announce this to all of you. It has been predicted for a long time now that his was to happen and it has happened. You are not all aware of this but you will soon realise what we mean.

I would like you now to share with us any questions you have about your own lives, about community living, about any visions and projects that you have. It is a good opportunity for us to share more information with you that is directly relevant to your lives now.

Question: How much must I endeavour to find my purpose in life and how much must I wait for guidance.

Answer: I believe you must do both to succeed. You must acknowledge that you already have a purpose that you can find yourself by looking within. You will feel clearly what it is you are here to do when you look within. You will feel it as a pulsating within you. You will feel the rhythm of your own soul so to speak. You will feel it yourself. I would like to add that it is important to also clarify where you are receiving guidance from. It is important to attune yourself to the cosmic mind to receive Divine guidance at the same time as doing this because this will make your work more fruitful. So you will feel your purpose yourself and then you must attune yourself to the cosmic mind so that you can feel where this purpose takes you.

I will articulate a few more words now about community life and living because this is the subject matter I am meant to be speaking of so I will say some more so you have some material of substance to take away with you from this talk/conversation with us. I believe that the location of any community setup is most important, not only to you, but also to us because where you are located determines the function the community plays in the community around you. When you are located in a conservative district you must be careful what you put out to people. It must be in a format that they can readily attune to, understand, feel comfortable with. It is not appropriate to create a community that is radical in its approach to life in a conservative area so you must carefully consider the location of your community setup, because this creates greater harmony with the wholeness around you on the physical plane. It is also not appropriate to set up a radically minded community when you are living with people who are not so open to this. If you are a radical person in your approach to life, you must meet up with others who are on a similar wave length, not try to include others just because they are wishing to be a part of what you are doing. There are some people who will be drawn to you because they wish to sample the fruits of what you are doing. These people are there to come and go but they are not supposed to live with you. There are others who are entirely engrossed in the vision that you are carrying within yourself and these are the people to set up a community vision with. It is sometimes confusing to some people when it happens this way that you come together as a unit and then certain members of the community start opposing decisions that others of you would like to make and it is because there was not harmony in the first place with your way of thinking. Some people are more alternative minded than others, some people like to go with the flow in life and not challenge society to much, the current beliefs. Others of you, most of you here, are not of that mindset. You would like to create ripples that can make changes for others. You are more alternative minded and your decisions about life and living will be more radical in its approaches to certain situations.

Furthermore I would like to clarify why it is that you are here listening to us so there is no discrepancy between your mind and ours. It is important to recognise that what we say is one version of the truth. We are conveying to you information that we know of so that you may take it in and use it, add it to your life experience so to speak. What I am saying is not a substitute for what you already know, I am here as a messenger from the Divine, I am here to speak to you about community living to give you additional information, but it is not a substitute for what you already know within yourself, what you have learnt directly through experience so you must put everything we say in the right context. You must listen to us in this capacity and not let go of anything you already know in order to hear us. It is a point of view we are expressing, a very high one, but it is still a point of view. You must allow us to be as we are in this way for we are here to share information, however we are not meant to be a substitute for you in any way whatsoever. You are each grounded in your own reality based on life experience, self knowledge, and you must stay within this when you hear us. Our relationship with each one of you will grow in this way, if you are hearing us and at the same time holding on to what you already know, allowing us to expand on what you are not clear about, what you wish to know more about. You must form a relationship with us in this manner, not as a substitute for your own Divine Self. I know it is difficult when times are tough and sometimes we come in and bring you messages of hope and healing so that you feel uplifted by our presence in your lives and at these times it is especially important to remember the right relationship between us and you, that we are here to assist you, not be a substitute for you.

You are each here to fulfil a function that only you yourselves can fulfil. We can assist you to do this. We can bring you healing, both on the physical plane and on the etheric. We can heal on may levels. We are able to provide spectacular healing results if you call us in when you are in need. There is a lot we are able to do, both physically and on the etheric. We would like you to know this so you know you are not alone, that you are being assisted by us even when you do not know it. When you call us in, there are numerous ways of doing this. One of the ways to invoke our presence is by directly communing with the spirit plane itself. It is through prayer, meditation. It is also important to recognise that when you come together with groups of people you are creating an energy that is able to bring our presence when the energy is positive and harmonious. Equally when you are communing with another being in this manner, where there is a flow of love between you, you will invoke our presence. Where there is sacred music playing, it will invoke our presence directly. These are the methods of invoking us.

I will finalise this conversation by saying one more thing to all of you. I would like you to remember that you will succeed in everything that you plan to accomplish in this lifetime. Just because it has not happened yet, it does not mean it will not. You have all been through the mill, so to speak, all of you in some way or another, none of you are excluded from this. You have all been through extremely dark times in one way or another and I would like to reiterate that sometimes you are not able to see beyond this in your lives presently. This will all change dramatically and you will find that you are able to achieve everything that you desire internally in this lifetime. I cannot even tell you how it will change, exactly what will happen step by step, however I do see that it will change because the energy has shifted so rapidly now that it is made possible. You will all feel rejuvenated as time goes on, from this point onwards in fact. You have all been through a thorough cleansing recently and this is coming to an end now. You will start to feel much lighter from this point onwards and I will feed you more energy to make this possible even sooner rather than later.

That is all I wish to convey to you. I hope that my words have been inspiring in some way, may have ignited something in you that can grow and flourish more from this point onwards. I am Gabriel.