The White Brethren
The White Brethren are made up of more than one member of each particular aspect of creation. There are many of us who work in areas similiar to each other so we form a network, on the higher planes only, and work in unison to co-create a widening manifestation of Cosmic Unity, Oneness and Divine Grace.

There are two things we have in common. One is the infinite Source Itself, we are one with It. The second is our capacity to assist all beings who need us at the right time in the right ways because we are united with our goals in all ways, not fragmented in our intent and purpose. You must recognise that we alone are not everything, however we encompass all other aspects of creation within us so we know everything when we are one with this Source that all knowledge is derived from. You must attune to us to regain a sense of who you are in order to re-establish patterns of everlasting peace, and finally, to maintain a steady equilibrium on the Earth's surface. When you are incarnate in physical form, no matter how high or low, it is necessary to attune oneself to higher dimensions in order to attain a steadfast state of harmonius equilibrium. One does not attain enlightenment alone. Conscious or not, we are helping all those who are seeking to be enlightened. We come to the aid of many who do not even know our name, we transmute lower vibrations into higher ones. Our work is not limited to those who call upon us, we come to everyone's aid who requires assistance, who prays to the infinite Source of all creation for assistance. All those who strive to rise above their current circumstances and their previous limitations, we come to their aid. Your prayer is our work. You may not attribute certain activities that happen on the earth plane to us. We know you well enough to understand what your needs are in the present moment.

I am speaking on behalf of many others, all of whom are concerned about the well-being of all members of not only the human race, but all sentient beings. Our presence is not limited to certain areas, geographically. We are located everywhere there is love energy created. The harmonious vibrations of spiritual music, sacred sounds, loving touch, meditative prayer, deep attunement to the higher planes, sacred dance - all communion of a higher nature that involves the channeling of higher energies to the earth plane will invoke our presence. We will reach you where there is spiritual energy created and come and be by your side and assist your Divine work and bring to you what you need, give extra assistance to manifest your longed for prayers.

I am Archangel Gabriel speaking. Allow my presence to infiltrate your awareness gradually and you will better understand the words I have just spoken.