The Vision of GHAEN as given by the White Brethren
There are several areas within this community vision that are to be of prime importance in the coming times ahead. The first area of importance, the most crucial one, is the Temple building itself. It is to be made with specifications aligned with the oneness consciousness without tampering on any part of what is given. It is a highly Sacred structure by itself, without even inhabitants it is aligned through the leylines of the earth, connected with the highest altitudes of consciousness. It connects through the leylines of the earth to each and every part of the world. It is not confined in time and space because it is made with symmetries that allow it to revolve round the earth plane, not be confined in time and space in the sense that you currently know it. The buildings around currently are not designed in proportion to the spiritual planes so they do not reside in our time and space locality which is infinitely greater than yours. It still exists, nonetheless, on higher planes to a small degree which allows us to hold an aspect of your reality in our realm.

Another aspect of importance in this community is the level each and every member aspires to reach in this lifetime. You are all aspiring to the oneness consciousness, to reflect it in every movement, in every action taken in community life. You will not be held back anymore by earthly constraints when you are in harmony with others who are aspiring for the same as you are. Your vision of life will expand exponentially when you are in close communion with like minded beings. Furthermore another aspect is the community work itself that you will undertake on behalf of many others who reside on higher realms. The work that you will undertake communally will be of the oneness consciousness. It will be to implant this into every aspect of life through your individual work on the earth plane and through your communal activities where you will create higher energies that may span the entire circumference of the earth plane, reach every quarter, every part, every aspect that is here incarnate.

There is one more aspect that we would like you to reflect upon. It is taking this vision, what is created with it in mind and translating that to other community groups. This makes up another important function that this community will serve which is to relay to others, not through word of mouth, but through actual experience. Make it a tangible reality for other minds to be inspired by so that they may create the same as you have done. Furthermore they may even expand on what you have done in later years, in other lifetimes when you are long gone because you will have made a working model based on Divine truth for other to follow over lifetimes.

I am not certain to what degree we can convey this vision to you in the way that we are speaking now. It is a translation of what we see happening. You can not comprehend through these words alone what we have in mind. We would like all of you reading these words to reflect inwardly upon what you are reading and to deeply attune to the essence of this vision that has been given through us, the White Brethren.